JBJ 8 Gallon Complete Aquarium


JBJ 8 Gallon Complete Aquarium “Care Free”


The JBJ 8 Gallon Aquarium fits on any desktop or aquarium stand and comes with all the features needed to maintain a small saltwater or freshwater fish community. If planning to keep fish that need higher than room temperature, then a small heater will need to be purchased separately. The three stage cleanable biofilter requires minimum maintenance and the LED lighting will last for years.  If a large fish load is desired, then weekly partial water changes and an air pump/airstone will ensure a healthy community. For a small community of hardy aquarium species, no more than a monthly filter rinsing and a monthly 25% partial water change will be required. The open rimless design does not only provide beauty to any room, but also allows easy access for aquascaping and aquarium care. This same aquarium is on sale on Amazon.com for $139.99!