Payment Options

Tropical Live Fish Store® accepts all major payment method for online orders, including Zelle, Bitcoin, CashApp, Venmo, and PayPal.


If you’re new to Tropical Live Fish Store®, we encourage you to read our security and privacy page. You can shop Tropical Live Fish Store® with the utmost confidence that your credit information is safe and secure.

Aquatic Life Availability

Because there are many factors that affect availability of aquatic life, not all species are available at all times. However, new shipments arrive at our facilities daily and once specimens have successfully passed our thorough health examination, they become available for purchase.

Tropical Live Fish Store® strives to ensure timely shipment of the highest quality aquatic life direct to your door. Therefore, certain items from your aquatic life selection may not be shipped based on availability or the condition of the specimen during order fulfillment. Tropical Live Fish Store® will only ship available specimens displaying exemplary health and behavior.

Order Fulfillment

If up to 75% of your order value is available with in-stock items, your order will be fulfilled with these items. Any remaining items that are not able to ship will be removed from your order. Your order total will be adjusted accordingly, and your account will be charged only for the aquatic life items you received.

Delayed Orders

Though uncommon, if less than 75% of your order value is unavailable with healthy in-stock items, processing of your entire order will be delayed. One of our helpful Tropical Live Fish Store® customer service representatives will contact you immediately to discuss available substitutions or alternate arrangements.



It’s our policy never to automatically substitute a size or species if what you requested is unavailable. We work closely with our customers and aquatic suppliers to ensure you receive exactly what you order. If your selection is out of stock, feel free to discuss alternates with one of our aquatic service specialists.

More Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us here.